Top 10 Benefits


1. Extensive Assortment
Babyshop offers an extensive assortment in baby and toddler products so that you can find all your necessities on one location: baby shower gifts, baby clothes and toys, carrier bags, but also toddler car seats, high chairs, furniture etc. In our babystore we present all the well known brands next to each other so you can easily compare them.

2. Almost Everything Directly from the Shelf
Our babystore establishment in the Netherlands is about 500 square meters, and we have the same space stock-wise. Therefore we have almost all our baby and toddler products in our babyshop. This decreases the delivery time significantly.

3. Safe Online Shopping

Our babyshop is a member of the MKB certificate, which is handed to small and medium sized companies in the Netherlands that have proven to be reliable. This provides our customers with extra ensurance when it comes to the safety of your online purchases. Next to that we have well known payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa), and iDEAL.

4. Carefree Ordering
We want the customers of our babystore to shop carefree. Therefore we have a very simple refund structure: "No good = refund". This means you can still change your mind seven days after the purchase. The same goes for unfortunate pregnancies.

5. Delivered for Free

Babyshop offers free delivery for both small and big purchases in the Netherlands. We also deliver to every country in Europe: delivery costs will be determined with buyer.

6. Fast Delivery
Because of our babystore's vast stock size we can guarantee a fast delivery of the baby and toddler products. If the product is in store and the payment has arrived, your purchase is normally delivered within five working days. For shipments abroad, please contact us.

7. Professional Advice
Our babyshop has been around for over 25 years and we have experienced sales people (including parents themselves) that can advise you on all your baby and toddler necessities. Please do not hesitate to call, mail, or come to our babystore.

8. Unique Discount
We love to see our in our babystore "Babyshop and Toddlershop The Rocking Horse" (Babyzaak en Kinderzaak Het Hobbelpaard) for more personal contact. That is why we do not only offer clients that pick up their baby and/or toddler furniture from our establishment a discount of 10% as well as 10% discount on all the purchases made at our babyshop when picking up the furniture.

9. Easy Access
Our babystore in Oss, the Netherlands, is easy to get to: by car via the A50 and by public transport via Oss Central station (250 meters from our babystore).  

10. Free Parking
Next to our babystore we offer free parking. Moreover, we welcome you with a free cup of tea or coffee.

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